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Dr. Phil on the use of Salvia divinorum

November 11 Phil McGraw, better known as “Dr. Phil”, dedicated a program to the usage of Salvia divinorum, titled “Risky Teen Behavior.” As was apparent from the announcement, Dr. Phil and his research team know very little about Salvia. For example, according to the announcement for the show Salvia can be snorted, which is actually […]

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A Salvia divinorum horror story

A Salvia divinorum horror story by Eugene Schoenfeld When mind-altering substances like psychedelics produce unpleasant experiences – “bad trips” or worse – the real cause is often not so much the drug itself, but “dosing.” In street slang, “dosing” does not refer to the normal medical administration of measured amounts of a drug. Instead, the […]

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Salvia to be banned in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts House of Representatives approved and sent to the Senate a proposal classifying Salvia Divinorum as a class C substance and making its use illegal in Massachusetts. Supporters of the ban said that Salvia, already banned in eight states, is an increasingly popular and dangerous mind-altering drug that produces hallucinations and long-term perception disorders […]

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California bans sale of salvia to minors

No longer will children be permitted to buy a hallucinogenic drug that has been readily available in California. Legislation to ban the sale of Salvia divinorum to minors was signed Tuesday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Violators can be charged with a misdemeanor when the new law takes effect Jan. 1. Assemblyman Anthony Adams, R-Hesperia, predicted […]

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Salvia Becoming ‘Drug du Jour’ for Some Teens

Hallucinogenic Herb Salvia divinorum Causes Concern as Young Adults Use It to Get a Cheap High By Don Fernandez From: WebMD Health News June 27, 2008 — Salvia has been smoked for centuries by Mazatec Indians as a healing and divining tool. Now, the hallucinogenic herb properly known as Salvia divinorum is becoming the “drug […]

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Salvia illegal in Florida

Florida has banned Salvia divinorum. In fact it bans all “hallucinogenic herbs”. This means the hallucinatory (the psychedelic or entheogenic) experience is off limits to human beings living in that state. “The hallucinogenic herb law (HB 1363) makes Salvia divinorum illegal and puts it in the same class of controlled substances as marijuana and LSD. […]

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Years In Prison for Buying Salvia on eBay

07 May 2008 – Drug War Chronicle In what is likely the first arrest for possession of salvia divinorum anywhere in the nation — and definitely a first in North Dakota — a Bismarck man now faces years in prison after he bought a few ounces of leaves on eBay. Kenneth Rau, a bottling plant […]

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Brain’s Reaction To Salvia Explored

Brain’s Reaction To Potent Hallucinogen Salvia Explored April 28 2008, The Science Daily Brain-imaging studies performed in animals at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory provide researchers with clues about why an increasingly popular recreational drug that causes hallucinations and motor-function impairment in humans is abused. Using trace amounts of Salvia divinorum […]

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Salvia Divinorum: Old Psychedelic Drug, New Appeal

Salvia Divinorum: Old Psychedelic Drug, New Appeal April 28 2008, Los Angeles Times By Shari Roan It’s been almost 50 years since a generation of young people were urged to “Turn on, tune in and drop out.” with the aid of psychedelic drugs. But at least one hallucinogenic drug remains legal and widely available — […]

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Nothing to fear

By BRENDAN McNAMARA Guest Editorial for ATOD coordinator Collin Frazier’s article on the psychoactive herb Salvia divinorum is a perfect illustration of the media hype surrounding this plant. Since Minnesota State Rep. Joe Atkins is currently pushing for legislation that would make it a criminal offense to use or posses S. divinorum, I wanted […]

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