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Miley Cyrus’ bong video puts Salvia back in news

The recently leaked video footage of teenage pop singer Miley Cyrus hitting the bong, which allegedly contained Salvia, has led to Salvia divinorum being all over the news again. Other than a – short lasting – peak in sales for Salvia vendors, we doubt this exposure will result in in any benefits for Sally D. […]

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Salvia illegal in Canada, but still being sold

November 11, 2010: Salvia illegal in Canada, but still being sold Last month, Canada banned the sales of Salvia divinorum. However, Health Canada is not enforcing the law, and salvia is still widely available online and in head shops across the country. The federal government says products containing salvia divinorum and its active ingredient, salvinorin […]

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Taking care of your Salvia plant in fall/winter

With temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter, it is time to think a few steps ahead to make sure your salvia plants will safely make it through the winter season. As you may know, Sally D doesn’t like cold, and temperatures below zero can prove fatal. As nights become colder, the leaves will start […]

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More bans and more wrong assumptions

Following 20 states and numerous cities in North Texas, the posession and sale of salvia is no longer allowed in Dallas. In a statement, Dallas mayor Tom Lennert explains: “More and more kids are using these products because they create the same effects as illegal drugs but currently are legal and easy to get. The […]

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States abuse the rise of synthetic cannabinoid smo

July 15: States abuse the rise of synthetic cannabinoid smoking blends to ban Salvia In many states, smoking blends such as Spice and K2 are under scrutiny, since they have been found to contain synthetic cannabinoids, producing virtually the same effects as cannabis. However, many of these states are now taking the opportunity to squeeze […]

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City forces shop-owner to remove salvia from shelf

We came across this remarkable news story from the Canadian town of Trail, where a local pawnshop was summoned by the city to cease the sales of salvia divinorum, because of ‘concerns’. “Informed by Trail RCMP, Trail city council decided it was in the best interest of residents to proceed on a cautionary basis, asking […]

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US Air Force bans Salvia

Members of the US Air Force are no longer allowed to seek new highs through any substances “that are inhaled, injected, consumed, or introduced into the body in any manner to alter mood or function” – lawful use of alcohol or tobacco excluded. This is stated in a memo that was signed by the Air […]

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Minnesota House votes to ban salvia

In addition to numerous other states, the state of Minnesota (US) is now also targeting salvia. A bill has been introduced that would make selling salvia a gross misdemeanor and possession a misdemeanor. Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead comes with the best argument we’ve heard to date: “The states around us have made it illegal, in […]

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Salvia divinorum: effects and use among YouTube us

It appears people posting videos of them tripping on salvia has a use after all; psychologists at San Diego State University have studied the behavioral effects of Salvia using YouTube video footage. From the abstract: ‘Since salvia’s effects on humans are largely undocumented, this study provides the look at users in a non-laboratory environment (e.g. […]

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Salvia ban a burn to science

In an excellent article published on Minnesota Daily, John Brown clearly lays out why Salvia should not be prohibited. His article comes in reaction to a recent bill in Minnesota that would make Salvia a schedule 1 drug. An excerpt: Research on salvia has been increasingly popular. According to Dr. Bryan Roth at Case Western […]

March 26, 2010 Read More
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