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Documentary on Salvia divinorum in crowdfunding

Understanding nature’s most mysterious psychoactive plant. A young team of anthropologists and film makers led by Roberto López Mélinchon are working on a new ethnographic documentary, simply titled ‘Divinorum’. Their aim is to uncover the mysterious world of Salvia divinorum, to show that the plant is much more than the image generated by its contemporary […]

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Man claims salvia cured his 5 year depression

July 28, 2014 – Man claims salvia cured his 5 year depression These days, it’s rare to find stories on salvia in the news. For better or worse, the plant remains a relatively unknown drug except in certain underground circles. This unfortunately means that not many people are even aware of possible therapeutic applications. That’s […]

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Researchers investigate Salvia as habit breaker

July 25, 2013 – New Zealand researchers looking to tweak Salvia for use as habit breaker Ever since the structure of the ‘salvia receptor’ was solved (see this article), researchers are increasingly looking at ways to use salvia-derived compounds as ‘anti addiction’ drugs. Dr Bronwyn Kivell, a senior lecturer in neurobiology in the School of […]

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Study examines effects of Salvia

June 5, 2013 – Study examines effects of Salvia In what is believed to be the first controlled human study of the effects of salvinorin A, researchers gathered a greater understanding of the effects of this unique compound, aswell as toward understanding of the kappa receptors in the brain. While the study indicates that Salvia […]

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Cooking with Salvia (amongst other psychedelics)

April 10, 2013 – Cooking with Salvia (amongst other psychedelics) Chef Misha Sukyas (literally) adds another dimension to his cooking by incorporating exotic (and psychedelic) ingredients such as Salvia, Magic Truffles and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose into his dishes. The dish ‘Veal in a Salvia Divinorum crust with Magic Truffles and Marijuana’ is part of a […]

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Salvia ban wagon marches on

From 2009 onwards, more and more states (and countries) have banned Salvia. With currently only 18 US states which have not passed legislation regulating Salvia divinorum and/or salvinorin A. The media without doubt has played a big role in this (see image), but also the rise of synthetic cannabinoids (which technically have absolutely nothing to […]

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Salvia legal status update 2013

January 24, 2013 – Salvia legal status update 2013 The future is not looking very bright for Sally D – at least not in the USA. There are currently only 19 states left that allow adults to legally purchase Salvia divinorum. Another four states considering measures to ban the plant or prohibit its distribution. If […]

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Researcher on psilocybin and salvinorin A research

December 20, 2012 – Matthew Johnson PhD on psilocybin and salvinorin A research In a talk by Matthew Johnson, PhD at the John Hopkins University (USA) that was filmed during the ICPR 2012 he describes several lines of research with psilocybin conducted by the JHU laboratory. What’s more, Johnson also gives an overview of the […]

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One in Ten British Students Admit to Taking Salvia

November 15, 2012 One in Ten British Students Admit to Taking Salvia According to a recent British survey, Salvia divinorum has been tried by almost one in ten university students. The University Drug Culture Survey, which was carried out by student research company The Beans Group, looked into the prevalence of both illegal and legal […]

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Conference on psychedelics held in USA

October 30, 2012 – First university sponsored conference on psychedelics held in United States Psychedemia, the first psychedelics conference to be sponsored by a university in the United States, convened at the University of Pennsylvania during the weekend of 30 September. The subtitle for Psychedemia was “Integrating the psychedelic experience in academia.” The conference brought […]

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