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Police concerned about hallucinogenic herb

New Paltz – The New Paltz Police Department Monday issued a warning to parents to beware of an herb that has reached the area that young adults are abusing for its hallucinogenic effects. The herb, “Salvia Divinorum,” with street names of Salvia, Diviner’s Sage and Sister Salvia is a perennial herb in the mint family […]

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Legal hallucinogen concerns police

Legal hallucinogen concerns police by David Hutton Published: 21/12/2006 Saskatoon police are concerned about a legal hallucinogen sold in hemp stores and on the Internet, but local users defend the powerful herbal psychedelic as a mind-altering but safe trip. The herb is Salvia divinorum, known more commonly as Salvia, magic mint or the diviner’s sage. […]

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Salvia’s banned, but now the tough part

Most Del. police officers unfamiliar with hallucinogenic plant By MIKE CHALMERS The News Journal 05/06/2006 A bill that outlaws a widely available hallucinogenic herb breezed through the Delaware General Assembly last month and became law this week. That was the easy part. Now, police agencies face the more difficult task of enforcing the ban on […]

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As a legal drug, Salvia attracts media attention

The following is a transcript of a report by Call 4 Action reporter Aaron Saykin that first aired Nov. 17, 2006, on WTAE Channel 4 Action News, Pennsylvania, US. Teenagers using drugs hardly comes as a shock to anyone, but one drug in particular has medical professionals stunned. The reason? It’s not against the law. […]

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Could salvia soon be banned in Tennessee?

Plant related to sage can still be used for landscaping purposes By TOM HUMPHREY, April 14, 2006 NASHVILLE – The Senate voted Thursday to prohibit consumption of a plant with hallucinogenic properties, though it can still be grown and harvested "strictly for aesthetic, landscaping or decorative purposes." The bill by Sen. Tim Burchett, R-Knoxville, […]

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Proposal would outlaw hallucinogenic salvia

Herb, available legally through many Web vendors, would be placed in same category as heroin, LSD. Brett Chidester killed himself because of salvia divinorum, his parents say. By MIKE CHALMERS , The News Journal, 03/23/2006 A hallucinogenic herb that may have contributed to the suicide of a Salesianum School senior in January would become an […]

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Salvia divinorum: Clinical and Research Potential

Karl R. Hanes, Ph.D. (, Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Salvia divinorum is a perennial Mexican herb from the labiate (mint) family (Epling & Jativa, 1962) that has a history of use chiefly for the initiation and facilitation of shamanic practice among such peoples as the Mazatec Indians of the Sierra Mazateca region of […]

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