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Sálvia em discussão no programa matinal “Mike a

Uma nota interessante de um leitor de , que testemunhou a infiltração da sálvia nos média, agora presente em programas televisivos: Saw on TV this morning a story on the “new” hallucinogen Salvia divinorum (watch the video here and here). There was a modicum of intelligent discussion but by and large there was that […]

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5 anos de prisão por uma experiência de 5 minutos

Legisladores indecisos com o regulamento da sálvia, que pode tornar-se a nova marijuana POR JESSICA GRESKO | The Associated Press Publicado originalmente às 08:13 a.m., 11 de Março, 2008 TALLAHASSEE, Flórida — Nos websites que anunciam os fantásticos poderes mentais da Salvia divinorum, os pedidos de compra da erva alucinógena são acompanhados de avisos como: […]

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Das Verbot von Salvia divinorum

Die Bundesregierung hat beschlossen, die mexikanische Heilpflanze Salvia divinorum zu verbieten. Anbau und Nutzung sind ab sofort illegal. Ein fragwürdiger Beschluss. Salvia divinorum, ein altes Heilmittel aus Mexiko, ist am 15. Februar 2008 von der Bundesregierung verboten worden. Die Pflanze gilt ab sofort als illegal und auch ihr Nabauw oder allein ihr Besitz ist strafbar. […]

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Lawmaker takes lead in banning Salvia divinorum

Salvia divinorum, a species of sage, isn’t banned under the federal Controlled Substances Act, but more than a half dozen states have made the drug illegal through state law. At least 12 more states, including Alaska, are debating whether to do so. Sen. Gene Therriault, R-North Pole, has been leading the charge here. Therriault said […]

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California vote against Salvia divinorum

Wonderland Treatment Center Leads the Fight Against Salvia LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17, PRNewswire — Howard C. Samuels PsyD, Executive Director and co-founder of Wonderland Treatment Center in Los Angeles, has won a major victory in his crusade against the hallucinogenic plant “Salvia Divinorum.” On a 7-0 vote cast just yesterday, the California Assembly Committee on […]

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The mystery sage

Nos Estados Unidos e em Inglaterra alguns adolescentes fumam uma poderosa planta alucinogenea, filmam as suas experiencias e colocam as filmagens no YouTube. A substancia e legal. Os seus defensores dizem que e inofensiva. Para os seus opositores e uma substancia potencialmente perigosa e deve ser investigada. “Senti-me como se o meu corpo fosse uma […]

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The wide, wide world of Salvia

Some things never change; US politics and media keep on saying ‘just say no’ (instead of the wiser ‘just say know’) when it comes to Salvia. Salvia = bad, and that’s it, point made. Such an narrow-minded attitude leads to all kinds of judgments that are so shortsighted it isn’t even funny anymore. Read for […]

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Under the Spell of the Magic Mint

Informative piece of lecture in Gentleman’s Quarterly from author Christopher Ketcham about the drastic change of image Salvia has undergone over the last years: from an obscure plant into the category of dangerous drugs. In Mexican Oaxaca, Kecham confonts traditional Salvia users with the ‘misuse’ of the plant by teenagers in the western world. His […]

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Waco legislator trying to outlaw salvia

Waco legistar trying to outlaw salvia By David Doerr, Tribune-Herald staff writer March 12, 2007 Though many parents and other adults may not know it, there is a substance on the market that can cause hallucinations or loss of consciousness — and it’s legal in Texas. Salvia divinorum, used for hundreds of years by the […]

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Interview with Daniel Siebert (

This is a link to an audio interview with Daniel Siebert, the man who first isolated Salvinorin A from Salvia divinorum. He is currently the curator of The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center Sagewisdom. This is a nice long interview detailing Siebert’s early history with the plant, typical effects, current research and law, and […]

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