Salvia experiences

So what have other people experienced with salvia? Read their reports here. Of course, you can also add your own Salvia experience. If you have an interesting story that you'd like to share, don't hesitate to contact us.



Always have a sitter by Sally D.

Enlightment? by Flow

My trippy Salvia experience by Danny-Lee

My salvia trip by Desiree

Enlightment by KD

Creepy salvia drawing by Mitchell O.

My experiences on salvia by G-Man

Salvia experiences I want to share by DJD

Trip Report by Taylor

Hell is not fire and brimstone by John Boy

All my past memories renewed in my minds eye by Shawn

Learning experience by Zak

Folds of Metal by Andrew

My existence was taken from me by CRC

Left behind by the wheel of life by Wes

You Do Not Belong Here by Mark

Six Billion Reality Revolver by Seb

Out of this World by Taylor

20x with two friends by Benet

Salvia Story by Michelle

Endless Loop by Mike

My Trip Report by Marshall

My Salvia Trip - Insanely Intense! by Bryce

Reality like a scroll by Sam

Waxed World and The Power of the Mind by Alex

A wheel of colors by Joseph

Three trips, all different by Lenny

Salvia Trip Report by Matt

Evacuated from the illusion of reality by Dan Kelly

Laughed into the floor by anonymous

First time

Too intense by Xin Tran

Horse killer by Melted

Very intense by Nick

"The Golden Geerk Gicks Of Gork!!!" by N. Hughes

First Salvia trip 10x by Variann

Salvia Trip by James

First Salvia experience 40x by Steve

My First Salvia Experience by The Dude

My very first salvia trip by anonymous

Flattened into a 2-dimensional person by Noncents

On a gondola by Joshua

Salvia Experience by Euan

First Time 30x by Brianna

Salud to Salvia by MnLxco

I Was Dead by Veronika

Salvia Trip Report by Brian

Incredible by John

Salvia Trip by Gav

Experience by Jeff

My First (and possibly) last trip, very intense by Fin

Total insanity of the highest degree" by Benjie

Experience by V.S.P.

A true out-of-body experience by Joshua

First Salvia Trip 20x by Antoine

First Time Experience by Anonymous

It just feels right by Neville

Nightmarish reality by Dev

Vicarious by Anthony

My Spirit Became The World by Caleb

Jello and bubbles by Nannner

"Worst nightmare ever!" by Damien

"Maybe she is seeing the devil?" by Maureen

"Blue elves picking blueberries" by Alex

"No longer an I" by Bastian

"Pleasant, dizzy feeling" by Will

"A massive smile" by Amy

"Tony's vortex trip" by Tony

"First time quid method" by Charles

"Way too intense for public use" by Ryan

"I felt beloved" by True

"Should I just trust in God?" by Gary

"Definitely worth the experience" by Raymond

"Waves of unzipping leather" by David

"The sand below me was spiraling into the sun" by Andrew

The second time I was born by R.K.

A glimpse of what human minds rarely see by M.G.E.

A two dimensional cartoon by Tony

I now believe in magic by Caleb Hawk

Somewhere over there... by Graniteyes

A voyage to another universe by Josh

Frontflipping by Chris W.

I had NO idea... by AJ

I've never felt something so real in my entire life by Annie D.

The most out of control I've ever felt by Nick

Prophetic dreams by Tex

First time, 30x by Joeah

The first time i ever did salvia wasn't too bad by Sakura

My Salvia story by Kink

The Real deal part 1 by Steve

The Real deal part 2 by Steve

First time by William

What an experience! by Ash and the Boyz

First timer tripped out. by Gerald

Universal consciousness and a familiar language beyond the senses by John

Simultaneous Lives - Salvia Divinorum by Copehead

What trees see by Mike

An Exclusively Dramatic & Euphoric Experience by Morrison22

Attack of the plastic by Emily

My "Trip" report by Sonic

A train in a 7th dimension by Tetsu

My First Experience (20x) by Kamibakasan

Trip of a life time by Pyroeboy

Trip report by John

A strange new place by Cody

Talking to the dogs by Chris

Mustard yellow to brown rainbow like pulsating outlines by Losi Woods

It was so surreal by Clint


"I felt judged"by Wilmar

"Salvia tripreport" by Vadim

"Such a rush" by Jim

"My ancient hidden temple" by Anna

"I knew not who I was in the earthly realm" by Jaymie

"Where's the flashlight?" by Jonathan

Small miniature people by Don

"It was like a dream" by Jay

"Entire world became three rooms" by Antony

"Melting into the couch" by Luke

"Salvia 5x" by Magic Eclipse

An amazing white light by Sean

My trip by Michelle

Ridiculous by Britni

A new Beginning by Steve Myers

Salvia Report by Graeme Carl

I saw the 7th dimension by Niels

I became a couch by Mind_Tourist

Becoming a part of a wooden structure by Matt

Talking to the dogs by Chris

I wish to meet these people again by Gunner Fox

The world collapsing by Dave

Goofy by guarez


A dimension of colliding realitiesby S.D.

World shattering experience

Life has just been one big dream? by Pete

Salvia divinorum experience by Leonardo

Salvia Experience by EM

My Trip by Cole

Everything is a big joke by Justin

My trip report by Frances

"My ego receded to almost nothing" by Paul

"It's time to go..." by Jorden

A trip to candyland by Tiny Ant

She will be waiting when I die... by Kurt

Total mind blow by Alayna

The contraption (machine) by Nicole

The Trick by Nicole

Close to Understand by tas

Trip report by Michael


Salvia trip experiences by Jerry

Out in a second . . . by High One

Different reality by Cercle Posse

Meeting Dame Salvia by Bonzo

Very lovely and intense product, but be careful by Mici

It needs to be done in a calm, relaxed, meditative state by Jon


Salvia Blätter, Extrakt und Alkohol von Dr. Greenthumb

Salvia Erfahrungsbericht von incognito

Der Schrank von Andreas

"Eine Mischung zwischen Clown's und einer art göttliches Überwesen" von bSTARd

Fast entführt by Alexperte

Mein 2. erlebnis mit Salvia by Chris


First time

Sauge des devins, quand tu nous tiens! par Simon

Mon experience Salvia par RETHYMNIS

Ma première fois sur l'effet de la Salvia par Jessica

1er Essai Salvia by Edouard

Premiere Fois by Gabriel

Première expérience trip Salvia by Pierre

Waw by ronix

L'imaginaire devient reel et vice versa! by Gilgamoon


Un voyage trop court par Florence

Expérience par Maude

Aspiration du réel et changement de dimension by Eric

Dormir comme un bébé by Pierre

Crash total du tout by Tiax


Au rythme de la musique par 2drui

Le monde était devenu comme une sorte de légo par Spacecowboy

Expérience magique par Florian

Expérience mystique by Mr Le Président

Rêve totalement zarb par Matou

Dingue, inconcevable, mystique, métaphysique by Jeff


Eerste ervaring by Anonyme

Onbeschrijflijke trip by Bram

Geen zwaartekracht meer by Arnaud

Hele diepe slaap Anonymous

Beter dan een vliegticket by Galahad

Een voorwerp??? by Traxis

Some of these trip reports have been taken from Azarius and without permission of the authors. If you want your report to be removed from the site, please contact us.