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Early charge of Salvia possession dropped

April 07, 2009 HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) — Sheriff’s deputies in southwest Ohio thought they were making a landmark bust when they invoked a new law making the sale and possession of a hallucinogenic plant illegal. It turns out they were a day early. Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones sent out a news release Monday touting […]

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Salvia book online and updated FAQ

Erowid published a 250-page book containing a huge number of quotes, excerpts, facts, experiences, and references about Salvia divinorum that originally appeared in The Entheogen Review magazine. You can read the book online here: Salvia divinorum and Salvinorin A: The Best of The Entheogen Review 1992–2000, Second Edition. March 10 Erowid also updated its Frequently […]

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Salvia concerns ‘balderdash’

Prohibition: Banning drugs gives gangsters another trade item Re: Minty herb sparks concerns, Observer, Feb. 4 “They think it’s a fun time but it’s a very dangerous drug. What are the long-term effects of Salvia?” Saliva is non-toxic, non-addictive, and nowhere near enough fun to be habit forming. It is yet to kill anyone, yet […]

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Is Salvia a Miracle Drug?

Some researchers argue against criminalizing the psychedelic, saying that it could help treat various ailments, including cancer, HIV, and addiction. by Tom Spring Many parents and legislators view the popular psychedelic Salvia divinorum as a public health menace. But the drug has an unlikely set of supporters: scientists. Many medical researchers view the plant as […]

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Saving Salvia

An explosion of noisy YouTube videos endangers the sanctity of a visionary herb by Adam Elenbaas In a traditional Mazatec vision quest ceremony, before eating the psychoactive herb Salvia Divinorum — Latin for “sage of the seers” — a shaman gives you a series of instructions. First, he explains, the spirit of Salvia Divinorum is […]

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Salvia divinorum from A to Z

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Salvia divinorum. The following podcasts of the Entheogenic Evolution are all about Salvia divinorum. We hear ethnobotanist and pharmacognosist Daniel Siebert, who studied this plant for 20 years and was the first to identify Salvinorin A as the main psychoactive compound in Salvia. His website and his […]

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Dr. Phil on the use of Salvia divinorum

November 11 Phil McGraw, better known as “Dr. Phil”, dedicated a program to the usage of Salvia divinorum, titled “Risky Teen Behavior.” As was apparent from the announcement, Dr. Phil and his research team know very little about Salvia. For example, according to the announcement for the show Salvia can be snorted, which is actually […]

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A Salvia divinorum horror story

A Salvia divinorum horror story by Eugene Schoenfeld When mind-altering substances like psychedelics produce unpleasant experiences – “bad trips” or worse – the real cause is often not so much the drug itself, but “dosing.” In street slang, “dosing” does not refer to the normal medical administration of measured amounts of a drug. Instead, the […]

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Salvia bald verboten in Massachusetts

Das Repräsentantenhaus von Massachusetts genehmigte einen Vorschlag zur Klassifizierung von Salvia Divinorum als Kategorie C Substanz und der damit verbundenen Illegalisierung in Massachusetts und sendete diesen an den Senat. Befürworter des Verbots meinen, dass Salvia, das bereits in acht Staaten verboten ist, eine immer beliebtere und gefährlichere bewusstseins-verändernde Droge sei, die zu Halluzinationen und langfristigen […]

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Kalifornien verbietet Salvia für Kinder

Minderjährige können nicht länger Salvia kaufen, das bisher in Kalifornien legal für jeden zu erstehen war. Das Gesetz, das den Verkauf von Salvia divinorum an Minderjährige verbietet wurde am Dienstag von Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unterzeichnet. Wer dieses Gesetz übertritt kann wegen Ordnungswidrigkeit ab 1. Jänner, wenn es in Kraft tritt angezeigt werden. Der Abgeordnete Anthony […]

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