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Wisconsin governor approves ban on salvia

Wisconsin is the latest state in the US to ban salvia divinorum. The Senate passed a Democratic-authored bill that prohibits the manufacture and distribution of Salvia divinorum. Violators would face up to $10,000 in fines. For a complete overview of states and countries that have banned Salvia, see Wikipedia, Legal status of Salvia divinorum

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John Hopkins Salvia states of consciousness study

January 9, 2010, John Hopkins Salvia states of consciousness research study The JHU Salvia Study somehow slipped under our radar. It did not receive much press, and little of it can be found online. However, one of the participants kept a diary of the sessions and was kind enough to inform us of his blog […]

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Do vaporizers work with Salvia Divinorum?

December 8, 2009: Do vaporizers work with Salvia Divinorum? We already mentioned this subject on the Usage section of our website, but now the friendly folks at Erowid took the efforts to collect some solid data and information regarding this subject. Not surprisingly it is concluded that most commercially available vaporizers are incapable of reaching […]

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The Salvia Ban Wagon

The Salvia Ban Wagon November 20, 2009 While the scare mongering of the media regarding salvia continues, more and more articles countering these often full of lies and prejudicial containing pieces appear. Jacob Sullum at Recommended read!

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Salvia Neither ‘Party Drug’ Nor Threat

Salvia neither “party drug” nor threat Travis Erbacher Salvia Divinorum is a plant that has seen shamanic use as a visionary sacrament in Mexico and South America for centuries. It is a unique drug, as it is the only k-opioid receptor agonist, which has a strong hallucinogenic effect. Scientists have been very interested in researching […]

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How Freedom Dies: Salvia Divinorum

October 8, 2009: How Freedom Dies: Salvia Divinorum The picture story (click image to enlarge) of Salvia divinorum demonstrates how anecdotal evidence is bizarrely abused to create and foster the war on drugs. In modern America’s narcophobic climate one death out of millions of users can cause all adult users to be deemed criminals worthy […]

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MPs want to ban Salvia and other ‘legal highs’

September 16, 2009: (UK) MPs want to ban Salvia and other ‘legal highs’ A British MP who believes Salvia is an extremely dangerous drug, and who has been lobbying for four years to try and ban the herb, seems to be succeeding in his crusade. Salvia is now part of the Advisory Council on the […]

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Salvia on Schedule: Law, Medicine and a Hallucinog

As the source of the most powerful natural hallucinogen known, salvia is drawing scrutiny from U.S. authorities who want to restrict this Mexican herb, now used recreation­ally by some. But neuro­scientists worry that controlling it before studies have determined its safety profile is premature and could hamper research of the drug’s medicinal value. Increasingly, evidence […]

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Salvia and persistent psychosis

Psychiatry online reports on what appears to be the first confirmed case of salvia precipitated persistant psychosis. Doctors suspect the patient was genetically predisposed to schizophrenia. Details regarding the dosage or strength of the extract smoked by the patient are unknown. “To The Editor: Salvia divinorum (salvia) is a sage plant that is easily obtained […]

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Salvia to be banned in North Carolina

A bill that would outlaw the psychoactive herb Salvia divinorum has passed the state Senate, prompting consumers to rush to buy it legally. Senate Bill 138, sponsored by Sen. Bill Purcell, D-Laurinburg, would prohibit the “manufacture, sale, delivery, or possession” of Salvia divinorum. The law calls for a fine for the first two offenses and […]

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