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Welcome to, a site dedicated to a plant variously named Salvia divinorum, Ska Pastora, Diviner's Mint, Sally-D and Lady Salvia. Though its psychoactive properties have been known to the Mexican Mazatec Indians for ages, it was relatively recent that the plant drew the attention of Western ethnobotanists, and even more recent (the early 90's) that its active component, salvinorin A, was isolated. Salvinorin A turned out to be the strongest natural hallucinogen known to man.

In recent years salvia has become increasingly popular amongst explorers of alternative states of consciousness. Because salvia enjoyed a legal status for years, researchers had the opportunity to study the mechanisms of its effects and possible therapeutic applications.

This website keeps you up to date on current research being conducted and its legal status around the world. also informs you about salvia's history, its chemistry, how to grow the plant yourself, how to use it safely and effectively, and invites you to share your personal experiences with this extraordinary hallucinogen.

The effects of salvia are overwhelming, especially when smoked. Because of this, one must carefully prepare oneself for the experience and have at least a general idea of what to expect. We invite you to browse this site before embarking on your salvia journey and hope it helps your first experience to be pleasant and meaningful.


July 28, 2014 - Man claims salvia cured his 5 year depression

These days, itís rare to find stories on salvia in the news. For better or worse, the plant remains a relatively unknown drug except in certain underground circles. This unfortunately means that not many people are even aware of possible therapeutic applications. Thatís why we wanted to share this personís short-lived but incredibly positive experience with salvia, posted on the forum.

The anonymous man from Iowa talks about his lengthy period of depression: "I wonít go into detail but it was a very bad time in my life with suicidal thoughts and just no will to live."

"I smoked it about 3 more times over the course of a month. After the last time, I had absolutely zero desire to use it again. My depression stopped after using Salvia. Itís been probably 4 years ago that I smoked it, but I havenít had any depression since."

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April, 2015: Too intense

After the hit, I was and wasn't aware I was tripping, slipping out of consciousness, "I" wasn't there in any form. Time wasn't relevant in this entire occurrence, although it felt like an eternity. I read about the stages and I believe I hit the final stage, the 6th, this plant was just too intense. Will I do this ever again? I tend to wait about half a year or more before revisiting any psychedelic substance, however salvia, is absolutely maddening. I understand it was a trip, but it's like I was prying myself out of the gates of hell, literally. Anyways, enjoy my story.

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