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Welcome to, a site dedicated to a plant variously named Salvia divinorum, Ska Pastora, Diviner's Mint, Sally-D and Lady Salvia. Though its psychoactive properties have been known to the Mexican Mazatec Indians for ages, it was relatively recent that the plant drew the attention of Western ethnobotanists, and even more recent (the early 90's) that its active component, salvinorin A, was isolated. Salvinorin A turned out to be the strongest natural hallucinogen known to man.

In recent years salvia has become increasingly popular amongst explorers of nonordinary states of consciousness. Because salvia enjoyed a legal status for years, researchers had the opportunity to study the mechanisms of its effects and possible therapeutic applications.

This website keeps you up to date on current research being conducted and its legal status around the world. also informs you about salvia's history, its chemistry, how to grow the plant yourself, how to use it safely and effectively, and invites you to share your personal experiences with this extraordinary hallucinogen.

The effects of salvia are overwhelming, especially when smoked. Because of this, one must carefully prepare oneself for the experience and have at least a general idea of what to expect. We invite you to browse this site before embarking on your salvia journey and hope it helps your first experience to be pleasant and meaningful.


August 29, 2013 - Estonia to ban Salvia and Kratom

The Estonian Social Affairs Ministry has proposed that the Salvia plant and its active ingredient, salvinorin A, be added to the country's controlled substances list. The same proposal also opts to ban Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).

Countries that have placed salvia divinorum on controlled substances lists include EU members, various US states, Brazil, Chile, Canada and South Korea. The ministry cited a need to keep abuse of new psychoactive substances from spreading.

Since April 2005, Salvia was already listed as a medicinal herb in Estonia, thus requiring a doctor's prescription.


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December 19, 2012: Salvia 15x trip

"I come to a realization, a realization that can only be understood when in that frame and state of mind. It feels like raw knowledge, equivalent to the Elder Scrolls from the games. The image that my eyes create see this dimension, as i “wake up” i look away from that screen to see many other screens. Each its very own dimension. Its own universe, all the possible outcomes and possible consequences."

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